My passion for gardening began at an early age. (London, ca. 1953)



My first newspaper cutting, from the Johannesburg “The Star”, August 19, 1966. I was taken out of school for the purpose, hence the uniform! The claim was that I was the youngest employed church organist in the city at the time.





June 1969: My first appearance in a recording studio (AKA Studios Johannesburg), accompanying the Blundell Family for an Lp of folk music









ca. 1971. As second “ping-pong” in the Outpans, South Africa’s first steel band









At the Bruges harpsichord competition, 1974, with  A. Dewitte, Arthur Haas (USA), Suzanne Hess (CH)



1981, with Brighton Baroque at a concert in the Nydeggkirche, Berne. From right to left, Marianne Mezger (recorder), Judy Tarling (violin), me, Hilary Brooks (‘cello) and Peter Lay (theorbo)