My passion for gardening began at an early age. (London, ca. 1953)









My first  newspaper cutting, from the Johannesburg “The Star”, August 19, 1966. I was taken out of school for the purpose, hence the uniform! The claim was that I was the youngest employed church organist in the city at the time.





June 1969: My first appearance in a recording studio (AKA Studios Johannesburg), accompanying the Blundell Family for an Lp of folk music












ca. 1971. As second “ping-pong” (far right) in the Outpans, South Africa’s first steel band founded by Andrew Tracey (2nd. from right)










At the Bruges harpsichord competition, 1974, with  A. Dewitte, Arthur Haas (USA), Suzanne Hess (CH)






My first publicity photo 1976






Brighton Baroque publicity photo, c.1979 with Judy Tarling, Peter Lay and Hilary Brooks






First Duo Basiliensis publicity photo 1981 (Photographer Stephen Dalton)






Trio Basiliensis (with Marianne Mezger and Ekkehard Weber) 1987







Colin Tilney and I at the Art Workers’ Guild, London, July 1997, having fun with the Sonata for three hands by J.W. Hässler