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Trio Basiliensis Recordings

Marianne Mezger, recorders, Ekkehard Weber, viola da gamba, Paul Simmonds, harpsichord

Duo Basiliensis Recordings


Workbook for the Eighteen-Century Clavichord

Workbook for the Eighteenth-Century ClavichordBeginning in 1993, Paul Simmonds wrote a series of articles on 18th century clavichord music in Het Clavichord – later Clavichord International. Each of these contained the reproduction of a printed or manuscript source with an essay about the appropriate performance practice. These are now available in book form as “Workbook for the Eighteenth-Century Clavichord”, with revised essays and reset musical texts in treble and bass clefs. Many of the pieces, in varying grades of technical difficulty, are still not available in modern editions. Composers include Hässler, Müthel, Schale and E.W. Wolf. The book is A4 size, coil-bound for easy opening, with 75 pages.

It is available from for 12GBP plus postage and packing more buy here.

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