Chamber music with Recorder




“The Leclair Sonata is particularly stylish and technically fluent, while Morel’s Chaconne en trio is played with great poise and control … a satisfying sense of style in which maturity and authority prevail.”
Early Music

“… all three musicians deserve special commendation for an extraordinary adaptability that overshadows even their obvious technical proficiency. Recommended”
Fanfare18 (USA)

” … a thoroughly enjoyable disc; a voyage of discovery to be taken by all, and one I shall take many times”
The Recorder Magazine

“….mit großem stilistischen Einfühlungsvermögen und selbstverständlicher technischer Perfektion… eine Einspielung für Liebhaber der unprätentiösen intimen Kammermusik “
Fono Forum

Matthew Locke (1630-1677)
“Consort of two parts for Several Friends”

Anonymus (ca.1620)
aus “Perthenia In-Violata”

Jacques Morel (vor 1700)
Chaconne en trio

Charles Dieupart (vor 1700-1740)
Suite VI

Georg Philipp Telemann (1684-1767)
Trio in d-moll

Johann Schenk (1660 – nach 1712)
Sonata VIII in e-moll

James Paisible (1656 – ca.1725)
Sonata VII in e-moll

Jean Marie Leclair (1697 – 1764)
Sonata VIII á Trois