“W.F.Bach: Polonaises & Fugues”


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“ … tidily controlled and sensitive playing … a sure and caressing touch.” Gramophone


[1] Polonaise No.1 in C major
[2] Fugue No.8 in F minor
[3] Fugue No.1 in C Major
[4] Polonaise No.2 in C Major
[5] Polonaise No.5 in E flat major
[6] Fugue No.7 in Bflat major
[7] Polonaise No.6 in E flat minor
[8] Fugue No.5 in E flat major
[9] Fugue No.2 in C minor
[10] Polonaise No.11 in G major
[11] Fugue No.6 in E minor
[12] Polonaise No.7 in E major
[13] Polonaise No.8 in E minor
[14] Polonaise No.3 in D major
[15] Polonaise No.4 in D major
[16] Fugue No.3 in D major
[17] Polonaise No.12 in G minor
[18] Fugue No.4 in D minor
[19] Polonaise No.9 in F major
[20] Polonaise No.10 in F minor


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