German Music for Clavichord


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German Music for Clavichord


“… this CD sounds very special
Early Music Review

“… an outstanding clavichord recording. Simmonds plays with great authority as well as sensitivity, so that the relatively diminutive sound of the clavichord never minaturises the music. Clavichord recordings are a rare species. This one is to be treasured.”
Musical Times

“… an outstanding recital of keyboard music. Each track is a revelation”
Early Music News

“Simmonds is certainly a convincing advocate of both music and instrument”
Early Music

“Paul Simmonds spielt sehr sensibel und farbenreich. Kennern und Liebhabern nachdrücklich empfohlen”
Alte Musik Aktuell

” … une parfaite illustration du clavichorde, qui trouve en Paul Simmonds un remarquable défenseur”
Magazin d’orgue


Dietrich Buxtehude (c. 1637-1707)
Praeludium g-moll/G-minor BuxWV 163[2-4]
Johann Kuhnau (1660-1722)
‘Biblische’ Sonate No.4
‘Der todtkrancke und wieder gesunde Hiskias'[5-17]
Johann Gottfried Müthel (1728-1788)
Arioso c-moll mit 12 Variationen
Arioso C-minor with 12 Variations
Wilhelm Friedemann Bach(1710-1784)
Sonata No.5 D-dur/D major, F4[21-23]
Daniel Gottlob Türk (1750-1813)
Sonata a-moll/A minor (1776 no.5)[24-26]
Johann Wilhelm Hässler (1747-1822)
Sonata d-moll/D minor (1780 no.3)