“Pour ung Plaisier”


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Renaissance Keyboard Music on the Clavichord

“I’ve nothing but praise for this programme and playing”
Early Music Review

“Many of the sounds Paul Simmonds conjures out of this instrument are truly magical: the contents of this CD live up well to its title.”
British Clavichord Society Newsletter

From the Buxheim organ tablature (ca.1470):
Gilles Binchois (1400-1460)
[1] Adieu mes tres belle
[2] Esclave puist yl
[3] J’ay pris amoursFrom the Leonard Kleber keyboard tabulatur (ca. 1524):
[4] Fantasy in Fa
Hans Buchner (1483-1538)
[5] La spania in re
Antoine Brumel (c.1460-c.1515)
[6] Tandernack
Paul Hofhaimer (1459-1537)
[7] Ain frewlich wesennJan Pieterszoon Sweelink (1562-1621)
[8] Fantasia chromaticaThomas Crecquillion (c.1490-c.1557)/ Andrea Gabrielli(c.1510-1586)
[9] Pour ung Plaisir
From a Venetian song/dance book (c.1520):
[10] La cara crossa del Berdolin
[11] La canella
[12] La franzoxina
[13] Son quel duca de Milano
[14] La lodexanaAndrea Gabrieli
[15] Cappriccio sopra II Pass’ e mezzo AnticoClaudio Merulo (1533-1604)
[16] Canzon à 4, dita ‘La Bovia’Philip ap Rhys (fl. 1545-60)
[17] Felix Namque
John Redford (d. 1547)
[18] Felix Namque
[19] Upon La Mi ReAnonymous
[20] Beata visceraAnonymous (Th. Preston?)
[21] Felix NamquePeter Philips (1560-1628)
[22] Pauana Dolorosa (1593)
[23] Galiarda Dolorosa



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